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Something's New | 14 Jun 17, Joe Sucher

Quote from F.B. Meyer on Guidance | 02 Apr 17, Joe Sucher

The Mystery of Christmas | 19 Dec 16, Joe Sucher

... the true Christmas story started in the beginning in the heart and mind of God before there was a baby, before there was a Mary or Joseph, before there was a Bethlehem...  Before there was even a planet Earth...

Check out "The Bible Project" Link | 06 Feb 16, Joe Sucher

In Memory of the brother God used to lead me to Him | 22 Mar 15, Joe Sucher

My dearly beloved brother in the Lord, Lance Appleton, passed away recently

Free Android Apps to help you get into the Word and Prayer | 01 Jun 14, Joe Sucher

Here are some links to free Bible and devotional apps I recommend:

Good Quotes | 17 Feb 13, Joe Sucher

Facebook Experiment | 03 Dec 12, Joe Sucher

What Kind of Company Do You Keep? | 03 Dec 12, Joe Sucher

A Consideration of the Influence of Television

Hearing God When Life Is Noisy | 03 Dec 12, Joe Sucher

Suggestions for pursuing silence & solitude

Check out the new content I added to the Prayer Helps section | 25 Nov 12, Joe Sucher

Check out  "Quotable Quotes on Prayer"

How President Lincoln Established Thanksgiving Day | 22 Nov 12, Joe Sucher

It’s a good time to be reminded of how many problems there were in 1863, when Abraham Lincoln told the country it should put aside a day to thank God for His blessings. Enjoy reading his own words in his proclamation dated Oct. 3, 1863:

Giving Thanks for the Imperfect and The Perfect | 22 Nov 12, Joe Sucher

Listening to the radio and reading various people’s comments on “being thankful”, I am sure we have all been reminded that we need to appreciate what we have, particularly the people in our lives as well as our material comforts and physical health.I think it is great that we have a holiday that causes us to pause and reflect on these things. But there are two particular aspects I’d like to comment on...

Blog Dates | 08 Sep 12, Joe Sucher

For those who may have wondered about the posting dates on this blog page, they use the European style which has the day of the month number followed by the month number. (this is the second posting on September 8, 2012)

Fall is fast approaching | 08 Sep 12, Joe Sucher

Hope you had a great summer!

New Look | 03 Jul 12, Joe Sucher

Just thought I would brighten things up a bit. Have a great 4th of July!

Visitor's Feedback | 03 Mar 12, Joe Sucher

Visitors, please take time to comment on this website. I'd love to know how you found it and if it has been a help to you. I have averaged 200 visitors every month. I hope a few of you would be kind enough to give me some feedback. (You don't have to leave your full name or email address.) Thanks, and God Bless!

Celebrating 39 years in Jesus | 15 Jan 12, Joe Sucher

Here's my personal testimony, which I wrote down a number of years ago...

Happy 2012! | 31 Dec 11, Joe Sucher

Just letting you all know that I haven't forgotten you. Hope you had a nice Christmas. May the Lord bless you in 2012.

Happy Labor Day weekend | 05 Sep 11, Joe Sucher

Enjoy your time off.Just wanted to let people know I am still alive and well...

Happy Father's Day | 20 Jun 11, Joe Sucher

Happy Father's day to all you dads out there.
Also, just want to let people know that I am still waiting on my new computer before adding anything else, still taking classes.

A Thought for Earth Day 2011: The Groaning of the Earth | 18 Apr 11, Joe Sucher

Have you ever heard someone groaning in pain? If you listen close, you just might hear the Earth groaning...

I am still alive and would love to hear from you | 27 Mar 11, Joe Sucher

I know it has been awhile since I posted anything new on this site. That is due to a couple of things...

New Year, New Habits: You Can Do It! | 27 Dec 10, Joe Sucher

The new year is fast approaching. The parking lots of fitness centers will be full for the next couple of months as folks try to fulfill their new year's resolutions. Many Christians will vow once again to spend more time in prayer and Bible reading. That's what I want to help you with. I'd like to encourage you in that pursuit and provide some practical tips to help you be more successful in these spiritual disciplines...

The Mystery of Christmas | 25 Dec 10, Joe Sucher

The Christmas season is a special time of year.  It’s quite a mixture of both the secular and the sacred.  Both aspects of this holiday are enjoyed side by side by people all over the world.

Living in the Real World | 01 Aug 10, Joe Sucher

Excerpt from the book "Winning Over Frustration" is good practical advice

An additional prayer help was added | 17 Apr 10, Joe Sucher

Most of us struggle with prayer because of some common misconceptions...

Bible study helps | 29 Mar 10, Joe Sucher

I finally got some bible study helps uploaded. 

More Prayer Helps | 27 Mar 10, Joe Sucher

I have added some prewritten prayers...

A new name and a new look | 21 Mar 10, Joe Sucher

Just about ready to launch! | 15 Feb 10, Joe Sucher

I've almost completed my welcome page ...