Giving Thanks for the Imperfect and The Perfect | 22 Nov 12, Joe Sucher

Listening to the radio and reading various people’s comments on “being thankful”, I am sure we have all been reminded that we need to appreciate what we have, particularly the people in our lives as well as our material comforts and physical health.I think it is great that we have a holiday that causes us to pause and reflect on these things. But there are two particular aspects I’d like to comment on...

The first is the realization nothing is perfect in this world, and so being thankful is all a matter of perspective: things could always be better and things could always be worse. As I write this, I have been suffering the effects of one of the 99 known rhinoviruses for just over a week. But I have to say it has made me thankful. Thankful that I live most of my life without a hacking cough, drainage, congestion, etc. It also make me thankful that I do not suffer from more serious and chronic health conditions. My desire to be taller, younger and stronger (with a full head of hair) has been eclipsed by my desire to simply breathe and eat and sleep without coughing. In this day of amazing communication has given us increased global awareness. Through the internet we are able to witness the plight of those whose lives are horribly impacted by wars, poverty, disease, violence and natural disasters. What is amazing is that if you talk to many of the people you feel sorry for, you find they are thankful for what they do have, and they in turn feel sorry for others who have it worse than they do. Is the proverbial glass half full or half empty? I used to joke that it was not only half empty but there were spots on the glass and stuff floating in the water. Now I can say that I am thankful I have a glass (ever try holding water in your cupped hands?) and I am thankful it is only half empty instead of three quarters empty or totally empty.

The second thing I would like to comment on is that with all the emphasis on learning to “be thankful “ for WHAT we have,  to  WHOM is all this thankfulness directed toward?  How do we address the envelope we put our “Thank You” card in?  I guess some folks are “thanking their lucky stars”, some are thanking Fate, or Good Fortune or the Force. Some may be thanking a modified concept of karma; that because they try to do good they are reaping some sort of cosmic benefit. Some may be thanking the random laws of the universe that may have contributed to their well- being like those that supposedly caused their ancestors to evolve from amino acids and slime and enable them to be part of the human race. Others may be thankful to various gods they believe in according to their religious traditions. I personally am thankful to Jesus Christ who came to earth to reveal the Father and to make it possible for the Holy Spirit to dwell in us in this present world. I am thankful that He has revealed Himself to me personally so that I might know WHO to be thankful to. I know the Perfect One who created all things including the natural laws of the universe. The One who holds all things together and can work through those natural laws and/or supercede them to provide for me. The One who works ALL THINGS to the good of those who love God. The One who is the Source of every good and perfect gift. The One who holds the mystery of how even bad things can result in ultimate good. The Perfect One who accepts my imperfection and helps me accept the imperfections of others and of this present world that I might truly be thankful.

So in short, look to God and be thankful no matter what your present circumstances. “In everything give thanks for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus”. It shows that you know the One who is the source of all and that your faith and confidence is in Him.

(Please note that although this blog entry may seem a bit obscure, I was not under the influence of any cold medications when I wrote it! God bless and have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!)


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22 Nov 12 Fredy: Agree with you Joe! One can't become bitter while thankful.

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