I am still alive and would love to hear from you | 27 Mar 11, Joe Sucher

I know it has been awhile since I posted anything new on this site. That is due to a couple of things...
First of all I have been busy juggling my work schedule and taking evening classes. I am working towards a certificate as a computer-based trainer. Secondly, I am due to get a new computer (thanks to my sons and the donations of friends). I thought that would have happened the first part of March but  it has been delayed. I plan to design a new site once I get my Mac. Since I will have to reenter all the content from this site, I didn't think I should worry about adding much new to this present site.
I have spoken with someone locally who has been blessed by this present site and is recommending it to others. I would LOVE to hear from YOU if this site has helped you in any way. Just add a comment below or email me at joesucher@yahoo.com.
All for now. God bless, and keep following Jesus!

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02 Sep 11 Grover Stallard: Hi Joe, when you do move to another site shoot me an email please.

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