Just about ready to launch! | 15 Feb 10, Joe Sucher

I've almost completed my welcome page ...
I've almost completed my welcome page and the section on Prayer. It has been quite a challenge scanning in old typewritten notes and converting them to Word and then pasting them on this site! I have much to learn about working with this website template.
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06 Sep 12 Gene: Excellent summaries, practical applications and teaching tools.
Thank you!
08 Oct 13 Jeanie: I am so thankful I found this website and Blog. I found it on a day I was crying over the condition of this nation. Thank you Joe Sucher for your inspiration and God given gift of words to touch the heart of the heartbroken, the Christian community that is now at a level of despondency, and for the possibility of someone who does not know Jesus to find him through your precious ministry.

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