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to "Following Jesus",
a site designed for all types of Christians and seekers,

dedicated to providing some practical help for connecting with God in everyday life.

People who live a life of faith are familiar with the ups and downs of Christian living. Sometimes it's hard to make sense of it all. But Christianity is more than a set of religious concepts that we try to apply to our lives. It is a personal relationship with God that revolutionizes both the way we view life and live it.

We began our relationship with God by hearing His Word and calling out to Him in prayer. Prayer and Bible study are key essentials for us to grow in our relationship with God.  After over 40 years as a Christian (more than twenty in pastoral ministry) I am convinced that most believers struggle with consistency in prayer and Bible study. My purpose in creating this website is to share with you some insights I have gained  in these two key areas, as well as some other areas crucial to following the Lord in daily life.

I don't have all the answers, but I have had the privilege to fellowship with folks from many different denominations and movements within Christianity. I have been blessed to glean from them as well as a variety of written sources from within the Church. I pray that you will find something on this site that will prove helpful to you. Please feel free to use anything you find on this site in teaching and sharing with others.  God bless! 

About this website:

This is a work in progress. Check the “Blog” section to learn of recent changes or additions, as well as to add your own comments. Also, you will find a link at the bottom of each page that will allow you to download that page as a PDF or a Word document. All Scripture references on the following pages can be instantly read by simply pointing your cursor on them. (Much thanks to RefTagger!)

Who's behind this website:

In case you were wondering, Joe Sucher, an ordained minister, is the author of this “experimental” website.

Born in 1953, Joe was raised Roman Catholic, but became an atheist by the age of fourteen. He was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of nineteen. Just two weeks later, Joe dropped out of secular college and began attending a Pentecostal bible college, where he met his wife Jean. After graduation, they spent one year in Germany as associate missionaries. Returning to the States, Joe and Jean spent two and a half years working in a campus evangelism ministry. This ministry grew into a church and Joe became one of the founding elders.

Feeling the need to submit to an older minister and learn to be “just a saint in the pew”, Joe moved his family to Akron, Ohio where Joe entered into an official “discipleship” relationship with an older pastor.  About ten years later, the Sucher family moved to Illinois where Joe attended McKendree College, earning a B.A. in Religious Studies. While attending McKendree, Joe took the position of associate pastor at a church in the area, and served in that capacity for fourteen years. He then served at that same church as interim senior pastor for three and a half years until moving to New Mexico in 2007.

While in Germany, the Lord delivered Joe from legalism and sectarianism. Through the years, his exposure to believers from various Christian traditions has given him a greater appreciation for the historical continuity of the Church. Raised Roman Catholic, educated both in Pentecostal and Methodist schools, and influenced by Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopal, and Charismatic writers and teachers, Joe’s theology and ministry reflect a unique blending of truths found in each of these traditions.

Joe’s passion is for prayer, and ministering the Word in order to see both Christians and nonChristians freed from common misconceptions about Jesus Christ and Christianity. His hobbies include reading, hiking, playing guitar, and collecting old toys and cameras.