Some Common Misconceptions About Prayer

1.  "Prayer comes naturally, I don't need anyone to teach me." Luke 11:1, Eph. 4:11, 12
Jesus' disciples asked Him to teach them after 3 years of walking with Him...

2.  "Prayer doesn't make sense; if God knows everything, why do I have to ask?"   Does
the Crucifixion make sense? ....God is God. He designed the "program of prayer". He
chose to limit Himself by the prayers of His people. It's part of His plan. His will is
accomplished, His rulership is introduced "on earth as it is in heaven" Matt. 6:10

3.  "Prayer doesn't do much good" James 5:16, Acts 12:1-19

How many here feel you were saved in direct answer to someone's prayers? How
many feel you have received ....spouse....job           material needs         healing....?

4."Prayer is only to be used as a last resort, after you have done everything else you

possibly can." 1 Tim. 2:1-4 First of all....Mark 1:35

5."I don't pray because I don't want to bother God with my needs."

Bother God? The Almighty, Eternal One who created all things and by His word holds all things together?  The God who loves you so much that He became a man, suffered and died a horrible death to pay for your sins and make a way for you to become His child and have communion with Him? The heavenly Father who enjoys giving good gifts to those who ask Him? Matt. 7:7-11, Luke 18:1 What bothers God is that we don't pray more often!!

6.  "I can't pray because I haven't been doing right lately." That's why you NEED to pray!!
1 John 1:9 Confess your sins and receive cleansing, then go on and pray!! Part of the
purpose of prayer is to deal with our own sin. That's what we did when we first came
to God!!!   Ps. 34:12-16

7.  "I must feel like praying in order to pray effectively. I need to be in the mood or

inspired." Ephesians 6:18 - at all time with all kinds  

8."I must feel something when I pray in order for my prayers to be answered. I must

feel like I'm full of faith." The prayer of feeling shall save the sick...?  “Prayer is a duty, commanded by God, it’s not a glandular condition!”

9.  "One should always expect immediate, measurable evidence of the effects of one's
prayers. If you ask for the same thing more than once, that is a sign of your lack of
Jesus emphasized persistent faith and repeated asking(Luke 11:5-13,18:1-8). Jesus Himself repeated prayers. Mark 14:32-36

10."I can't pray, I don't know what to say."

a) Just talk to Him as His child. Learn from David's example. Read the Psalms!

b) Read the Scripture. Find verses that express what you feel. Quote them as part
of your prayer. Be sure to include verses that declare God's greatness and
goodness, for PRAISE should be a part of our prayers. It’s not "buttering up" God so we

can get on His good side. Praise helps us focus on the Lord, come into His presence in a

special way. It helps build our faith.

c) Use a prayer list, it won't "quench the Spirit". It can help you get going.

d) Allow the Spirit to make up for your human weakness Rom 8 - groans, 1 Cor.
14:2 - tongues; Tongues and groans aren't for spiritual giants, Eph. 6:18; nor
for just rare occasions. Part of God's provision for praying!

11. "I'm too busy. I cannot afford to spend 30 or more minutes in prayer every day,
that's just for preachers or retired people, etc." You can't afford NOT to! Jesus said
"...daily bread..."; " first the kingdom...". The Lord is saying "Prove Me! Give
me 30 minutes or more every day in prayer and watch what I can do in you and

through you!!!"

12. "Once I recognize all these misconceptions and start praying regularly, I won't have
anymore problems." You will always have to fight Flesh, World and Devil....

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